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What I learned and Realized During Covid Days

Posted on June 26 2020 by alma Sernal

 What I learned and Realized During Covid Days

When covid virus hit the Philippines in mid march of 2020 the president announce ECQ all over the country. So we need to stay home for 15 days until we are being told to go outside the house. The only person that can go outside the house are those who are working using their ids as their quarantine pass and for those people who are also a quarantine pass holder are the only one that are allowed to go outside the house.  You can see all the barricade and the check points with the policemen guarding and checking the quarantine pass and their ids. 

 During quarantine period everybody is panicking buying all their essential and  necessities stuff for the household and buying  some foods and stock it in their ref and pantries scared that there will be some shortages of goods, and foods. Well good  for those who have  enough money to buy their supplies.

The saddest thing about this quarantine is that all churches are close, we are not allowed to go to mass, I am very thankful because we have an internet so we can hear mass online via FB live streaming .So I thank God so much that He never  neglected us during this days. We are able to help other people who are in need  even in just a little way.

I was glad because during this pandemic the "bayanihan " was being practiced specially among  our neighborhood.  Every time we cook for for lunch or dinner we cook plenty so we can give the spare food to our neighbors who lost their job. It was very hard, even my other relatives who are far away also ask some assistance from us. We thank God because during this time we still have enough  money for our needs and we are able to help other people and also lend money to those who are in need.

After a month ECQ Enhance Community Quarantine has been lifted and the government put it in GECQ meaning all those who are working can now go back to their usual job, the transportation was already permitted to get passengers and the curfew was extended, some malls are now allowed to open  again but must follow the rules and guidelines that has been implemented. Even  the restaurants and fast food chain are also permitted to open,  but still social distancing and wearing of mask are still being impose, its like its already  been part of our every day life.

On July 26, 2020, Catholic churches are also permitted  for mass gatherings but only 10 percent of the church capacity are allowed to get inside and still for strict compliance   only those people who has their Q  pass are allowed to enter the church.

I have so many realizations during this pandemic, I realize that staying in the city is not good anymore.  You need to buy everything unlike in rural areas, you can have what you want to eat, you just need to plant then harvest . Only if you are hardworking then you will not get hungry. 

Because of this pandemic, I have now more time for my family. I was able to teach my children how to cook food and minimize the food that we cook.  I  also teach them how to divide  and save the food that we have and see to it that it will last for a week  because going to the market is very risky, you do not know  who is the carrier of the virus.

We have neighbors who lost their job and we  need to help them by just giving a little of what we have. During this time we learn how to  give  for those who are really in need. This is the time where       "Bayanihan"  was performed among neighbors.

I also learned that you do not need to rely on your  job only,  you have to look for another source of income that can be monetized, You have to be more productive. So this is the time where I thought of going home to my birth place and  start farming the piece of land I inherited from my father.   

During this pandemic, I learned a lot. As family, we gathered  around and pray the rosary before we sleep. I teach my children how to pray the rosary, unlike before I only do it only alone.

Because of this pandemic I learn the importance  of living a simple life and practice brotherhood in a small community your living in.  I also learned that all that's  been happening right now whether pandemic, calamities, losing a job or losing a love ones, all of this are just  trials and learning. Trials, because we experience pain, loses and sacrifices, Learning, because we experience how to give, how to distribute, how to help, how to adjust the situation and  how to practice  brotherhood and  unity among neighbors. friends and families. Every situations in life is only temporary. May God bless us all in this pandemic time.  






 What I learned and Realized During Covid Days
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